The inception of the "Life on a Rail" collection began in early 2016. The thought was to develop options from head to toe presented in a unisex format. The idea of men and women sharing clothes has become more of a reality within the past few years.  Inspiration began to be drawn from people young and old past and present. Styles and looks that I gravitated to at different points of my life were reinterpreted with unique materials, treatments and structures.  Many key elements came from identifying slight nuances and details of the everyday person as he or she walked the streets of New York for the purposes of both leisure and business. A  great amount of attention was placed of the pairings of pieces in regard to their, structure, drape, material and color. The necessity of function and transition were also greatly focussed on through this collection. It is felt that people don’t always dedicate items to a specific season and look for opportunities to carry over quality pieces from season to season, year after year. All production was based in New York City as it offered a hands on opportunity from beginning to end. The collection is produced on a limited basis with minimal inventory so that the buyer takes an item that is unique and owned by a select few. 

The theme came about as I hauled fabrics, patterns, and later samples throughout New York City’s garment district day and night. The collection became a part of my life. Pieces were brought back and forth from factory to factory and later to my apartment where I analyzed every detail and determined what was going to stay and what was going to go. It became a part of me as it never left my mind or heart. Staring at the final cut on an industrial clothing rail in a parking garage on W 37th Street, I said to myself, “This is my life on a rail…the time, funding, trials, errors, wins, losses, dedication, research and love.”
-Jonathan Goldberg